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Friday, May 12, 2006

1. Gift for MSN fans 19.gif Negima H*ntai doujinshi collection
Even in doujinshi, Setsuna is still cute 21.gif
mới kiếm được vài cái link khá hay nè:

1.. Just got it - Love Hina H*ntai doujinshi collection
many thz for Cres.-san 41.gif 41.gif

2. Ever17 Menu BGM
Just got it from Miroku. Maybe the only good BGM in the whole game, but really an excellent one. 08.gif

3. Tsukihime-Mixed Gundam SEED Opening (Flash)
It's old 21.gif but still fun to watch.

4. Gundam SEED Destiny OP + Northernlight
I really like the scenes Stellar x Mayu.
Just looking at this one + others makes me want to try making music video clips 04.gif


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