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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shakugan no Shana - Shakugan no Shana-tan Returns

The fifth DVD for Shakugan no Shana features another omake short with Shana-tan. Actually, Shana-tan kind of takes a backseat this time to Kazumi-chan’s boobs vs. Yuuji’s crotch. The elephant noise made me think of Inukami, which just made the joke all the better. Of course that wasn’t the only funny thing (each of the segments was funny and cute - Shana-tan vs. Kazumi-chan, Margery in Wilhelmina’s costume, credits cutting away to Alastor and the penguin, etc), but it was definitely the funniest. Maybe just because I didn’t expect that type of joke lol. Anyway, this is definitely worth watching if you’re a Shakugan no Shana fan (and I know there are a lot of you out there).


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