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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 02

When Kyon first meet Suzumiya Haruhi, it’s during introductions on the first day of high school. Haruhi proclaims to the class that she had no interest in normal people and cared only about aliens, time travelers, people from a different world, and people with supernatural powers. Kyon tries to talk to her, but she has no interest in him because he’s not one of the types she mentioned. His friend, who went to the same middle school, tells Kyon about all of the things she did in middle school, including an incident with graffiti, an incident when Haruhi put all the classroom desks out into the hallway, and an incident where she painted the school’s roof. Haruhi also had no interest in the guys, saying that she had no time for normal people. As his friend is talking, Kyon starts to notice Haruhi more and more. He outlines three particularly eccentric behaviors. First, she changed hairstyles every day. Second, she started changing her clothes in the classroom while there were still guys around; she holds the male students at the same level as potatoes. Third, she temporarily joined all the extracurricular clubs in school, but ended up in none of them.
One day, Kyon asks Haruhi if she had been changing her hair daily as a counter-measure against aliens. She asks when he noticed, and a conversation actually starts between the two. At one point she starts staring at him and asks if they’ve met before. The next day, Kyon finds that Haruhi has cut her hair short. The two start talking more and more during homeroom, and when the class switches seats, Kyon ends up in front of Haruhi again. The topic of clubs gets raised, but Haruhi has no interest in any of them. Kyon then unwittingly inspires Haruhi to start her own club. She later tells him that she wants him to help file the official paperwork while she goes and secures a clubroom and members. She ends up taking over the art and literature club’s room and recruiting their first member, a quiet girl named Nagato Yuki. The day after that, Haruhi brings a girl named Asahina Mikuru, who seems very reluctant to be there. Kyon comes to realize that Haruhi brought Mikuru only because she was cute and had big breasts. Haruhi has Mikuru quit the calligraphy club, which Mikuru agrees to do only after noticing Yuki sitting and reading. The new club is named the S.O.S., which stands for 世界を大いに盛り上げるための涼宮ハルヒの団 (Sekai wo Oini moriagerutame no Suzumiya haruhi no dan - the Haruhi Suzumiya group to bring much excitement to the world). Kyon is already resigned to the fact that Haruhi will do whatever she likes.


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