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Monday, June 19, 2006

Fate/Stay Night Closure

Fate Stay Night

Yep. The major event this week was the end of Fate/Stay Night. So far, F/SN was a rollercoaster ride, with it’s Archer-gar UBW highs and the lack-of-Rin lows, but it was a good ride to the end.

The past few episodes built up nicely to allow Fate/Stay Night to have it’s glorious ending(not really all to glorious actually, but meh) and the ending is a very nice closure to the anime, even with it’s flaws. But I am still troubled over the Bedivere character (voiced by Noto Mamiko!), who seems to look like the spoofs in 4chan. That is some ugly character design. Thank god it only appeared in the last 5 mins.

The ending itself is probably the 2nd best episode of the series (with Archer vs Berserker being 1st. You can’t beat the guy who lost the battle but gained a whole legion of fans). Being more of a Rin fan, the parting between Saber and Shitrou didn’t affected me much, but I still felt the emotion from those two. It was also good to see Taiga and Ilya providing comedic fun for the last 5 minutes and I have to pity poor Sakura. Rin… well, she had her tsundere-ness in full measure for her 1 minute, leaving me a satisfied (BUT not happy) man.

Next up. I would love to request that Heaven’s Feel be animated, with the NORMAL ending. Oh, and Planetarian should be made into a movie of some sorts.


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