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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hầm bà lằng ^__^;

try this one :

coi cười chịu không nổi LMAO.gif LMAO.gif LMAO.gif

Q:What does VENO mean?
A:It stands for VietnamEse Nudity Organization or Vietnamese Eternal Nudity Organization
Q:Are there any cute girl around?
A:Quite a lot,they are both cute and tasty(evil smile)
Q:So.....,are they easy to....woo?
A:Not at all,some of them already have "someone special",the rest are under protection of VENO boys army
Q:Are they(the boys)dangerous?
A:Here we have some otakus,some gamers,some perverts,some directors and a bad boy,pretty dangerous
Q:Do you know any hints or tips that help me get a girl?
A:dunno,if I know,I'll get one for myself first (T_T)
Q:Can you use one word to describe VENO members
A:non-stop spammers
Private question:
Q:Which type of girl do you prefer?Feminine type of tomboy type?
A:whatever,as long as they are cute,it'll be fine


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